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Hypnotherapy – We all naturally go into and out of ‘trance’ on a daily basis; it is a totally natural state. Our minds, like an iceberg, have only the smallest part - the top 10% - above the water line or our conscious mind or our conscious awareness.

Underneath the ‘water line’ is the largest part of our mind where all our instinctive or learned programmes and behaviours are stored; this is our unconscious mind.

Contrary to popular belief, when we access this part of our mind our thinking is greatly enhanced and more acute, even though we are often relaxed physically throughout the process. By accessing the unconscious mind we can make long term permanent changes in our thinking and behaviours.

By making changes to the unconscious mind, we can help with a large number of problems; stopping smoking, nail biting, weight control, healthy eating, sports performance, exam nerves, irrational fears and phobias, stress management, compulsive behaviour, anxiety and panic attacks, stress related stomach and digestive problems, childbirth, some skin problems, pain control, stress related high blood pressure, self confidence, compulsions and compulsive behaviour, some sexual problems etc. 

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At The Summit, we offer a mix of 13 air conditioned rooms on an exclusive-use basis. Rooms are available on monthly rolling contracts providing maximum flexibility for your business requirements. Rates are per calendar month.

Plase contact us for availabiliy detals and rates.

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