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Iridology is the study of health via the examination of the colour and structure of the iris, the sclera and the pupil.

The iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy.  It has a reflex connection to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the nervous system. Through the optic nerves, which are attached to the eyes, visual information is sent to the brain.  At the same time there is information sent back to the eyes about the state of the organs and tissues in your body.  It has been said: ‘the eyes are the windows of the soul’.

There are no irides exactly alike, in fact, each iris is as individual as your fingerprint.  The colour and pattern of the iris fibres will determine underlying inherent weakness, which may or may not be activated according to diet, environment and psycho-social factors.

Iridologists assess colour and fibre structure variations to assess the constitutional strength of the physical body as well as aspects of personality, which can be influenced by conscious and subliminal emotional patterns.  Iridology is not a treatment therapy and traditionally is used alongside a therapy such as herbal or nutritional medicine. It is a screening tool used to detect inherent individual predispositions.  The colour and pattern of your eyes is a reflection of your unique genetic inheritance from three generations behind you. Whether you develop your dispositions to the best case or worst case scenario depends on the way you eat, drink, think, live and love.

Iridology can be used to determine potential health problems at the earliest stage.  This enables you an opportunity to prevent illness and maintain optimum wellness.


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